Our Favourite Ways to Cool-Off in Burlington


After enduring several months of gruelling winter weather each year, we Canadians know that we should never complain about the heat (once it finally arrives!). But, even with that in mind, the reality is that summer in Ontario is HOT! And, once those glorious June days roll around, you’ll need somewhere to beat the heat and cool off. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered with fun and inexpensive ways to do just that. When the thermometer starts to rise, be sure to check out our favourite ways to cool off in Burlington.

Splash Pads

If you have little ones in the family, there’s no better way to keep cool than by visiting any one of the city’s splash pads. You can find 9 different ones located throughout Burlington. It’s a fun day out for the kids, and it won’t cost you anything. Win-win!

Enjoy Bronte Creek National Park

When the temperature rises, another great way to cool off in Burlington is to head to Bronte National Park to explore the outdoors, while enjoying plenty of shade from the lush trees and vegetation. It’s a great excuse to get out of the bustling city where the kids can play with farm animals and even take a swim in one of the largest pools in all of Canada.

Beach Time

Of course, summertime means beach time! Grab your sunscreen, towel, and whatever gear you need and head straight for the beach. Binbrook Conservation Area offers SUP rentals and lessons, along with kayaks and paddleboats so you can spend some time cooling off in or on the water.

Indulge With a Movie and Plenty of A/C

When it’s too hot and humid to handle, why not stay indoors and relish in the cool A/C at a nearby movie theatre? Choose your flick, pile up the popcorn, and relax in the cool, comfy theatre seats away from the glaring sun and humidity.

Dive Into Some Cool Treats

Hiding from the summer heat is also a great excuse to dive into some sweet treats. Round up the kids or grab your bestie and visit any one of the tasty spots in Burlington, like Kelly’s Bake Shoppe, the Lakeshore Coffee House, or Murphy’s Ice Cream Parlour.

When the temperature rises and the humidity kicks in, you need some ideas to help endure the heat. Luckily, you can enjoy plenty of fun ways to cool off in Burlington this summer by keeping these ideas in mind!

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