Our Favourite Ice Cream Shops in Montreal


Making it through the brutal winter season means you deserve to treat yourself with as much ice cream as you want in the summer! So when you’re ready to take on the summer weather with some ice cream in hand, here are some of our favourite ice cream shops in Montreal to hit up.


When you’re craving that sweet, mouth-watering goodness, Virevent should be the first stop on your ice cream shop tour! This place will make you feel like you’ve died and gone to ice cream heaven. All of their ice cream – both soft serve or regular, includes quality ingredients and are made from scratch. You can enjoy the creamy, rich servings with plenty of options to tailor your cone, like Belgian chocolate. They also have great gelato with unique, fun flavours like strawberry basil.

Kem CoBa

Ask any Montrealer, and they’ll tell you that Kem CoBa is one of the best spots in the city for your ice cream fix. What’s great about this spot is that, in addition to their variety of delicious flavours, they also rotate them often, giving you plenty of more reasons to come back and indulge. If you’re a fan of frozen yogurt, be sure to try it out here too!

La Diperie

Of course, we couldn‘t make this list without including the iconic La Diperie. It’s one of the main go-to spots when you’re looking to stay cool with amazing rich flavours. You get to choose from so many different impressive combinations, like white chocolate pistachio ice cream with chocolate dipping and oreo crumbles on top. The options are endless.


If you’re all about wild combinations of flavours, then Ripples is the place to be. We’re talking about seriously bold tastes here – like their blackberry chocolate chunk cheesecake ice cream. It’s just as mind-blowing as it sounds! And everything is made in-house with fresh ingredients – A+!

Point G

Love macarons and ice cream? Well, in this little heavenly spot, you can combine your love of both with a macaron ice cream sandwich. You get a perfect combination of rich, creamy goodness with a fresh, delightful crunch.

After enduring the winter months, it’s time to get out and enjoy as much ice cream goodness as you can handle. After all, that’s what the summer is all about! So when you’re looking for some of the best spots to hit up, make sure you don’t miss out on our favourite ice cream shops in Montreal. We guarantee they won’t disappoint!

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