Having enough room for storage can be a challenge for just about anyone. And, if you’re like most people, living in an apartment (as opposed to a single home, for example) doesn’t always mean that you stop accumulating more things. So often, you’re left with the aftermath of having too much stuff and not enough room to handle it. If you’re struggling to keep your belongings organized and neatly stored away, try out a few of these space-hacks for your Hamilton apartment.

Hanging Baskets

When you’re running low on space, you need to get creative with what you have available to you – especially your walls! One great space-saving hack for storing your veggies, fruits, and other kitchen essentials, is using a peg board and baskets. If you have a spare wall in your kitchen, consider installing a peg board along with baskets that can be hooked onto it. This lets you store items for easy access while keeping them contained and organized.

Use the Inside of Your Doors

Any of the doors throughout your apartment are handy for adding extra storage. Take for example your utility closet. By hanging a simple coat hanger on the inner portion of the door, you can create instant room for your items that are used on a frequent basis, such as the broom, dustpan, mop and more. Whether it’s the closet or inside of your bathroom vanity unit, think about how you can keep items tucked away by hanging them on the interior of your doors.

Hang Your Pots and Pans

Similar to your hanging baskets, if your pots and pans are disorganized or taking up too much cupboard space, you can install a wire mesh board behind your stove to create storage for those bulkier items. Having them hanging provides you with easy access and keeps them well organized to boot!

Divide a Room with a Cube Organizer

Another really effective space-hack for your apartment is using a cube organizer unit as a partition wall. If your apartment has a big open floor plan that you’d like to break up, a cube wall unit can be used to section off your space while creating more storage. Just be sure to keep your items neatly contained in nice looking baskets and boxes since these will be on display.

Install Shelving Along Perimeter of Walls

There are plenty of ways to create DIY shelving throughout your apartment. You can use stacks of books with a simple wooden plank across them as a rustic means to store items, or you can hang shelves a little higher up along the perimeter of your walls just a few feet from the ceiling. Areas that aren’t frequently used can be excellent for keeping items tucked away and neatly held.

Storage hacks for apartments are a must for keeping your space neat and organized. By thinking creatively about the space that you have, you’ll soon realize that there’s always more than enough room to handle your stuff.

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