Top 5 Ways To Save Space in Your Room

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Thankfully, there are so many clever space-saving methods that you can get creative and use to maximize what you’ve got. The key is to start focusing on all the space that you do have rather than what you don’t. By utilizing shelving, creative storage, and multi-purpose furniture, you can tuck away any excess clutter and create more open space. Here are our top five ways to save space in your room.

Mounted Nightstand

Many traditional nightstand designs are often bulky and end up taking up far too much floor space. And when you have bulky furniture squeezed up beside your bed, it can really make your entire room look cramped and untidy. Thankfully, there are more modern styles that are designed specifically for tighter spaces. For example, a mounted nightstand can be attached to the wall, clearing up more room underneath it.

Maximize Your Shelving

It’s time to maximize your wall space. You can install floating shelves to stash away all of your books and other essential nick-nacks. You can even create shelving units higher up towards the ceiling to tuck away less frequently used items that you rarely need.

Under Bed Storage

If you have space underneath your bed, use it! Narrow containers or vacuum-packed storage bags allow you to pack away all of your seasonal clothing along with other items for storage. This keeps your clothing and non-essentials out of sight, and accessible whenever you need them.

Light Sconces

Don’t really have enough space for a lamp? Why not pick up some compact light sconces? These can be installed on the wall on either side of the bed to provide extra reading light while helping you save space in your room.

Multipurpose Furniture

When you incorporate any new pieces of furniture into your room, try to aim for pieces that can be utilized for different things. For example, if you’re planning on adding a piece of furniture to the end of your bed, aim for a funky vintage trunk that can store items in it as well. Or opt for a nightstand that can be converted into a mini desk when you need to hit the books and get some work done.

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