Ottawa’s Top Places to Take in Fantastic Art

Ottawa’s Top Place to Take in Fantastic Art

If you’re in search of Ottawa’s top places to take in fantastic art, you won’t be disappointed when you explore these city streets. Rather than having one set district for galleries, here you’ll find plenty of hidden gems tucked away throughout the entire city. Let’s take a look at some of the hot spots to check out for those who love art!

National Gallery of Canada

Of course, if you’re an art lover, you can’t leave Ottawa without checking out the National Gallery of Canada. This award-winning gallery is where you’ll find the best collection of Canadian art. The National Gallery is home to a wide selection of work by more than 40,000 pieces by 6,000 artists with regular rotation. You can also explore the stunning architecture of the gallery, including the Great Hall, interior gardens, and courtyards. It is the spot to visit for amazing art in the city of Ottawa.

Studio 66

Tucked away in a residential area inside an indiscreet building is where you’ll find Studio 66. Don’t let the façade fool you because inside it houses an impressive display of paintings, prints, sculptures, and more. It’s a hidden gem of art that displays local and national talent in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

The Art House

The Art House is a unique and versatile space that’s located within a stately old house with art lovers in mind. Walk inside, and you’ll find a trendy lounge, gallery and event space. It was designed as a communal spot for artists to hang out in with plenty of natural light and studio space. You can pop in check out the art on display and enjoy a coffee while you browse.

Blink Gallery

Blink Gallery began as a pop-up gallery and has since evolved into a pop-up collective. They are only open on a seasonal basis during the summer, but you can find unique and spontaneous visual displays often mixed with dashes of performance art, like their outdoor living room series where visitors are encouraged to sit down and get into conversation with each other.

Possible Words

Another versatile space is Possible Words, offering a gallery to explore, an art shop to find unique goods in, and a studio for artists to create their masterpieces. This gallery displays work from local and international artists, with plenty of interesting workshops to partake in. If you’re a fan of electronic music, you can also check out live shows, DJ workshops, and records for sale.

If you’re wondering where to find some of Ottawa’s top places to take in fantastic art, be sure to add some of these to your list. This city is host to so many unique and quirky hidden gems with such a diverse range of works to discover and enjoy. So get out and explore!

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