Have you ever wondered how to really tell whether you truly love where you live? For most people, this includes finding an ideal home or rental property, having plenty of amenities to suit certain lifestyle needs, and having a beautiful neighbourhood you can feel proud to live in, among other factors.

If you’re not sure if you’ve found your perfect setting just yet, compare your current living situation to these top 5 signs that you love where you live, to find out.

You Actually Like Your Neighbours

When you consider your neighbours as your friends, it promotes a better sense of well-being and community. If you’ve finally realized that you feel completely safe and appreciative of those who live around you, it’s a good sign that you’ve already found a great potential spot to call home.

At CLV Group, our communities host regular events for you to mingle about and meet your fellow tenants! These provide you with some great opportunities to meet your neighbours. Speak with a Customer Care Coordinator for details.

You Can’t Get Enough Of The Amenities

You know you love where you live when you’re always eager to get up on the weekends and go explore in your area. You love stopping by the local shops, cafes, restaurants, and you have the appropriate facilities that you need and enjoy close by.

You Love Walking Around

If you find yourself purposely walking your kids to school, taking a stroll to the grocery store, or just taking walks for the enjoyment of it even when you own a car, you’re likely hooked on your neighbourhood.

CLV Group communities are located in prime locations! Our properties are all within close range of various amenities and local features. Feel free to contact a Customer Care Coordinator – they would be happy to provide you with some details on your new area.

You Try To Convince Friends To Buy In Your Area

Another telltale sign is when a house hits the market in your area, and you’re constantly trying to convince your friends or family to move into the area. You want everyone to know how amazing it is and can’t help but share your love for the neighbourhood.

Don’t forget – CLV Group offers a referral program which could reward both you and your friends for signing a new lease. Our Customer Care Coordinators would be pleased to help you find out more.

You Know Everyone By Name

When you know everyone in your neighbourhood by their first name, it’s usually a clear indication that you feel right at home. Being engaged with your local community, taking the time to greet everyone that walks by your home, or chatting with your local coffee shop and store patrons is a big clue that you are truly in the right place.

Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? You too can enjoy this feeling when you rent with CLV. Our quality properties are designed to make you feel right at home. To find out more about how we can help you find the perfect place, call us today!


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