Getting Your Apartment Ready for Spring – Montreal

Getting Your Apartment Ready for Spring – Montreal

Do the winter blues have you wishing for warmer weather? Well, one of the best ways to help combat that (while also getting your home in tip-top shape), is by looking ahead to the spring. You can boost both your mood and your productivity by getting your apartment ready for spring now! Montreal comes alive once the snow and ice melt away, so why not get a head start so you can look forward to the spring weather also while shaking off those winter blues? Here are some tips to help get you started.

Map Out Your Plan

Everyone usually has their own method of madness that they like to follow (or not follow) when they take on the task of spring cleaning. So before you start, try to formulate a plan that works well for you. Maybe you could start room by room, or just pick the worst spot that’s in desperate need of attention, and then go from there. It always helps to minimize the chaos a bit by spending a few moments assessing the damage of the accumulated winter mess and figuring out the best strategy for tackling it.


Once you’ve established your plan of action, you should start by decluttering. You can’t really get into the nitty-gritty of cleaning until you’ve really dejunked the excess stuff. If you’re starting in your bedroom, go through your junk drawers and closets to see what you can toss out. Have one bag for donation and another for garbage. Try to be as strict with yourself as possible during this phase. Work your way through your entire apartment and create a designated zone for the “out” items.


Next up is the organizing. Now that you’ve cleared out all the junk and created more room for what’s really important and necessary, you can begin to organize. You can utilize baskets for your winter hats and scarves, pick up a shoe rack to keep your closet tidy and focus on finding a designated spot for everything.


After you’ve dejunked and organized, cleaning will be a breeze! You don’t have to fumble over cleaning items that don’t matter. Now, you can really get in and make your apartment gleam with little effort. Make sure you have the necessary cleaning supplies on hand and start from an area that makes sense for you. For example, you can choose to focus on one room at a time again or decide to give everything a surface level cleaning initially and then go over with a deeper cleaning the next day.

When the snow finally begins to melt, you know it’s time to start gearing up for the warmer weather in Montreal. Getting your apartment ready for the spring can be a breeze if you take it in strides by mapping out a game plan like this one!

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