Beautiful Landmarks to Discover in Hamilton

Hamilton has more to see and do than many people realize. Being packed with historic sights and scenic landscapes, there’s plenty of beautiful landmarks to discover here in the greater Hamilton area. So when you’re looking for something new to explore in this city, check out this guide on some of the most popular landmarks that Hamilton has to offer.

Dundurn Castle

Dundurn Castle is one of the most well known historical landmarks in the city. This 19th century home was once the residence of Sir Allan MacNab, former premier of the United Canadas. The castle has been kept in its original state so that you get the true feel of affluent living and style back in the 1800s. It was also built upon a former military encampment and features picturesque gardens and grounds. You can take a tour almost every day to get an inside glimpse at the 40-room villa and the underground quarters and pathways that were used by the servants to support the wealth of this famous politician and knight.

Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum

You can find a complete collection of Canadian military aircraft from the beginning of World War II through to the present at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. Founded in 1972, this non-profit organization houses over 50 aircraft and an extensive exhibit gallery, as well as an on-site gift shop. For history buffs and plane lovers, this is a must-see landmark to discover in Hamilton.

Art Gallery of Hamilton

Offering one of the finest art collections in Canada, the Art Gallery of Hamilton is worth exploring. With over 10,000 pieces, the permanent collection showcases Canada’s history and identity in a number of iconic works, along with a stunning contemporary collection and also an international collection that spans over five centuries covering American, African, Asian, and European art forms. Featuring numerous exhibitions, events, and studio workshops, this landmark is fun and educational for the whole family.

Waterfall Capital of the World

Did you know that Hamilton has over 100 waterfalls? Hamilton is home to the most waterfalls in any city of its size. Thanks to the steep landscape created by the Niagara Escarpment, some of the world’s most beautiful waterfalls have formed here, giving Hamilton the reputation as being the Waterfall Capital of the World. You can find all the locations here on the Hamilton Conservation Authority site, as well as up-to-date maps to help you find them. Be sure to check out the popular Albion falls, Tiffany Falls, Spencer Gorge, Tews Falls and the breath-taking Devils Punch Bowl on your next hike.

Dundas Valley Conservation Area

Hamilton is also home to the Dundas Valley Conservation Area, a designated UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve landmark. Created from glaciers over 10,000 years ago, the landscape features valley-flowing streams, massive waterfalls, lush forests, colourful meadows, as well as numerous rare flora and fauna. Sprawling over 1,200 hectares, it’s a hiker and biker’s paradise. Don’t miss this hidden treasure that can easily be accessed by the trails off many of the city and country roads.

There are lots of beautiful landmarks to discover in Hamilton, so be sure to add this to your list of places to explore this year!

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