Montreal Cutting The Cord

No matter what kind of content you enjoy watching, there are endless options available for you to watch it with in 2017. Whether you’re a traditional kind of person who enjoys the endless options available through cable, or a trendsetter who has been watching Netflix since 2011, there are multiple services available to you that you’ll love.


While many people have recently been opting to end their cable subscriptions, there is no doubt that having cable still provides some serious benefits. While streaming-based services are dependent on the speed of your internet, cable is not. This means that you will generally experience far less interruptions while watching cable. If you’re a sports fan, there is no doubt that you will enjoy having cable, as you can switch back and forth between endless games easily. If you are interested in purchasing a cable subscription, speak to your on-site team to learn more about our partnership with Bell, Cogeco, Rogers and Videotron.


Unless you’ve been living off the grid, chances are you’ve heard of Netflix. It’s one of the top sources that homeowners use over TV cable. Why? Because today, there’s more streaming content online than ever before to enjoy. Netflix makes it easy to enjoy their services with an affordable monthly fee that gives you access to an endless array of movies, documentaries, shows, and of course, Netflix original series like Orange is the New Black, Stranger Things, and House of Cards. Best of all, you can stop, pause, resume or pick up on a missed series whenever it’s most convenient for you.

Watch Directly from Websites

Many local, national, and international networks and newscasts want to extend their reach of programming as wide as possible throughout Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and beyond. That’s why you can find video content and even live streaming of broadcasts online, because what better place is there to broadcast their content than through their own website? When it comes to news networks, you can find a lot of great content to watch directly online.

Rent DVDs from the Library

Remember the library? Despite how long it’s been since you may have entered one, libraries are trying as best they can to keep up with the times. Today, you can find a wide variety of DVDs that you can rent out for free. You can enjoy some of the latest releases in high definition. Best of all, you can borrow Quebecois cinema and arthouse films that may be harder to find online or in stores.

Staying entertained is easier than ever these days! With a multitude of options available online or even through the public library in Montreal, staying entertained without leaving your couch is no problem at all!

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