Top 5 Tea Blends to Keep in Your Apartment This Winter


Tea is a beloved companion that can help comfort, soothe, and even heal us. No matter what the blend is, tea has helped us connect with others. It has warmed our soul on those bitter cold nights and provided the perfect elixir to help us plow through ailments like those pesky seasonal ailments. With the many different varieties of tea blends available today, you can take advantage of the flavours and health benefits that are associated with certain ingredients. Before you head to stock up on your tea selection, check out these top five tea blends to try out.

For Sleep

Vanilla Rooibos Tea Blend

Sometimes, we want those healing properties of tea without the caffeine kick. Vanilla Rooibos is the perfect selection for this. This blend offers various benefits that can help enhance your mood and alleviate insomnia, headaches, and even eczema and hypertension.

For Pain

Autumn Tonic Tea Blend

There’s no better way to soak up the winter flavours than by cradling an autumn tea blend between your hands. Aside from the aromatic ingredients like lemon balm, red clover blossoms, ginger root, and spearmint, it also contains nettle, which is an exceptional ingredient for boosting your health. Some of the common health benefits of this tea include an anti-inflammatory agent that acts as a natural pain reliever, along with eczema and kidney stone prevention.

For the Common Cold

Vitamin C Herbal Tea Blend

Whenever you feel that tingle of a cold or flu coming on, tea is always a great companion to rely on to help get you through it to give your system a boost. The Vitamin C Herbal tea blend is your go-to cup for this. This tea is packed full of vitamin C, which is essential to boost your immune system, along with so many other ingredients to help out, like cinnamon, rose hip, and hibiscus flowers, among others.

For Stress

Schisandra Five-Flavour Tea

After a long and stressful day, your adrenal system will be well out of whack. To help calm it down, this tea blend can provide adaptogen support, which helps soothe and settle your stressed-out system.

For Stomach Problems

Tummy Tamer Tea

When your stomach is upset – especially as a result of gluten intolerance – the Tummy Tamer can help. With calendula, fennel, marshmallow root, and chamomile, it will soothe just about any stomach problems you have.

There are so many varieties of incredible tea blends available that offer many beneficial properties to help ease just about anything – physically and emotionally. Explore all of the different blends and ingredients, or start off with these top five blends to stock up on in your apartment to help ease your soul.

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