Creating a Meditation Zone in Your Apartment

Creating a Meditation Zone in Your Apartment

Finding solace and silence with your thoughts in a big city can be difficult to achieve, especially with all of the distractions around us that are so readily available. That’s why having a meditation room or dedicated space in your home can be so beneficial. Creating a meditation zone in your apartment can help you achieve stillness, and quiet your mind to those distracting thoughts and devices. To learn how you can easily create your own meditation zone in your apartment -even in a tight space – read on.

Choose a Spot

Creating a suitable area for meditation doesn’t require a whole lot of space. It can easily be done no matter the size of your living space. Take some time initially looking around your apartment for a corner of space that you can use. This should be an area of your apartment that’s near a window or receives a good dose of natural light, if possible. It should be large enough for your body to stretch out, lay down, and to stretch out your arms. Your main goal when identifying the perfect spot is to find an area that feels calming and inviting.

Declutter the Space

Once you’ve found the perfect spot, start to remove clutter and furniture around or items as necessary to open up the space. By removing clutter, you allow more air to flow through, which helps provide mental clarity and peace.

Add Calming Aromas

So, you’ve found the perfect spot, removed the clutter, now it’s time to start adding a few special touches to really create that relaxation and meditation zone. Inhaling certain scents like diffused essential oils or incense with sandalwood or chamomile, for example, helps soothe our body and mind and can help you achieve greater inner peace and tranquility. So be sure to add some favourite scents to your space.

Add Natural Elements

Natural, organic items can assist with this as well. Consider placing a little water feature with a trickling fountain, a zen sand garden, or even a few favourite indoor plants to your meditation zone.

Add Music

Music is not necessary but it can also help you drown out those urban sounds. Using a soothing, spa-like playlist can be the perfect touch to really allow you to concentrate and find tranquility through your breath.

Make it Comfortable

Meditation doesn’t have to be done on the floor. Find what works for you and feels comfortable. The point is to really achieve that inner stillness to deepen your breathing to help calm down your fight or flight reflexes that tend to idle in our body and mind after a stressful day. Think about how you can really make this space comfortable for you. You can place your favourite chair or layer cushions on the ground to sit on.

When you’re ready to create a meditation zone in your Ottawa apartment, use these tips to help guide you. But remember to follow your instincts and create a personal space that helps you relax and unwind.

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