CLV Group’s 5 Tips to Hosting the Perfect Holiday Gathering in Your Apartment!

Western HolidayGathering

Looking to host a get together this holiday season? Use our tried and true tips and tricks to help you prepare!

1. Commitment

Commit to throwing a holiday dinner. Whether you’re worried about how to make everyone fit, you don’t think your apartment is ready for guests just yet, or you are feeling overwhelmed, it’s okay! Just commit to throwing the dinner party and everything else can be worked out! Trust us!

how-to-host-the-perfect-holiday-gathering-in-your-clv-group-apartment_apartments-across-ontario-and-quebec_pet-friendly-apartments_commitment2. Rearrange Your Furniture

Don’t be afraid to rearrange your furniture. By simply swapping staple pieces from your living room and kitchen, like chairs and tables, you can easily create additional space!

how-to-host-the-perfect-holiday-gathering-in-your-clv-group-apartment_apartments-across-ontario-and-quebec_pet-friendly-apartments_furniture3. Lighting

Create some mood lighting. Using alternative light sources will create a whimsical and memorable element to your gathering!

how-to-host-the-perfect-holiday-gathering-in-your-clv-group-apartment_apartments-across-ontario-and-quebec_pet-friendly-apartments_lighting4. Utilize Every Surface

Make use of what you have. Place drinks, appetizers, food dishes and décor wherever possible (such as side tables, consoles and chests). This will allow your guests to mingle and wander and not be cluttered in one area.

how-to-host-the-perfect-holiday-gathering-in-your-clv-group-apartment_apartments-across-ontario-and-quebec_pet-friendly-apartments_appetizers5. Serve Potluck or Buffet Style

Put your mind at ease and consider hosting a potluck style gathering! It’s easy – just ask your guests to bring a dish that you can put on display. This also creates a laid-back atmosphere and provides guests with a variety of food options to choose from. Great for mingling, and you don’t have to worry about preparing a large sit-down meal.



Voila! You are ready to host your own holiday dinner party in the luxury of your CLV Group apartment!

Be sure to tag us in your holiday photos so we can see how your party turned out!

Remember that the holidays can be a stressful time for all, however the ultimate goal is to spend time with loved ones and create memories! Please remember to respect your neighbours and understand that although you may be having a fun get-together, they may be trying to relax. Please value your neighbours rights by keeping noise at a suitable level for mutual enjoyment of the building!

Are you new to the building, have a new neighbour or want to spread holiday cheer? Extend your get-together invitation to your neighbours and create a memorable holiday season together!


Happy Holidays from all of us at CLV Group!


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