Crazy Closet? Here’s How to Declutter

When was the last time you gave your closet a good overhaul? Decluttering the closet can be an infrequent occurrence for many of us, but spending the time and effort getting rid of that excess can really be beneficial for promoting more airflow and order into your closet and your life. Plus, it just helps make it easier to find what you need each morning before heading out in Burlington. If it’s been a while since you’ve paid enough attention to your crazy closet, here’s how to declutter and eliminate some of that chaos.

Toss Out the Old

The best way to begin is to start by removing all of those old raggedy clothes that are frayed, stained, ripped, and never seem to see the light of day. These types of clothes can be necessary when you do actually need to throw on something you don’t care about to tackle the garden or your artistic project, but that doesn’t mean you need a large array of these kinds of items. One or two max should do it. Get rid of the rest.

Organize Seasonal Items

With the fall behind us, we have all of the freshness of winter to look forward to in Burlington. So spend this beautiful transitional season shifting your closet to tuck away the fall gear and bring those cozy sweaters and flannel up front and centre. You can place your fall items in a vacuum storage bag to tuck under your bed to free up more space in your closet.

Let Go of the “They’ll Fit Me One Day” Items

This is another thing that we are all guilty of. It’s hard to let go of those favourite skinnys or baggy clothes (or other items) that no longer fit but might sometime down the road.

Sort Through Those Accessories

Accessories are always necessary for finishing off your favourite outfit nicely, but having a closet full of them is just unnecessary. Try to be strict with yourself when sifting through these items, and anything that hasn’t been worn or used in the past year, place aside to donate. For items that you decide to keep, consider placing wall hooks on the interior wall of the closet to hang and to keep them organized, or get creative with your other accessories on how you can keep them better arranged.

When it’s time to face the closet clutter, start off bit by bit with items that are old or rarely worn. Then work your way deeper into the depths of your clothing to assess what can stay and what should go to let that airflow in and keep that chaos out. Having an organized, clutter-free closet can work wonders for getting your day off to a great start.

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