Spots in Montreal for Pet Lovers

Looking for some pet-friendly places to keep your furry loved one entertained in Montreal? There are plenty of spots in Montreal for pet lovers to enjoy that will give your dog room to roam, explore and socialize with others. Check out some of these great hot spots where you can bring your dog along throughout the city.

Notre Dame de Grace Dog Run

Located on Rue Sherbrooke, this park provides your dog with a big outdoor space to run free off leash. There’s enough shade for them to lounge in, a water fountain for them to stay hydrated, and even smaller enclosures for smaller dogs to enjoy. It’s a popular spot in Montreal for pet lovers, so be prepared for it to get busy.

Laurier Dog Park

This off-leash dog park can be found on Rue Saint-Gregoire, located in Sir Wilfrid Laurier Parc. It provides plenty of room in a fenced-in area for your dog to run around and play in.

Dog Yoga At The Dogue Shop

Believe it or not, this does actually exist. If you’re an avid yogi who’s eager to get your pet in on the downward dog action, check out their Doga classes where you can bring Spot along.

Le Doggy Café

Now you can have your morning cup of Joe and bring your pet along to enjoy the buzz at Montreal’s first dog café at Le Doggy Café. This is where coffee and canines are embraced, so if you’ve been eager to bring along your pet, check out this spot on St. Denis Street.

Brewery And Dogs

Beer, BBQ, and a dog-friendly place – this brewery seems to have it all. If you’re looking for some pub grub and a refreshing pint, take your dog to La Terrasse St-Ambroise on Rue Saint-Ambroise. It’s a great way to enjoy a pint with your best friend.

Dog-Friendly Patio

A popular spot in Montreal for pet lovers is any dog-friendly patio, and that includes Brasseur de Montreal. Microbrews, burgers, and plenty of outdoor seating for your dog make it a popular spot throughout the city.

Pet-friendly places to bring along your furry loved ones are more popular than ever. And in Montreal, there’s never a shortage of places for your dog to enjoy the sights, sounds, and vibes of the city. Luckily for pet lovers, CLV Group offers a large selection of pet-friendly properties all across Montreal.

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