Top 5 Ways to Make Your Space Seem Brighter During the Duller Months


When winter rolls around it brings fewer hours of sunlight and more gloomy days. And as a result, your space often suffers during these darker months, making it look drab and depressing. But you can easily add some brighter and warmer touches this winter with a few simple changes. Here are our top 5 ways to make your space seem brighter during the duller months.

Add Fresh Colour

With all of the monotone hues happening during this season, adding a new colour throughout your home may be all you need to brighten it during winter. White is a clear choice for making a room feel more airy and bright, but you can also try some cheerful colour options to help bring some more life to your space. For example, yellow, lavender and coral are all warm, cheerful colours that can instantly boost the mood of any room – and even yourself. Repainting your walls is just one way to use colour to enhance your space and improve your mood, but if painting sounds like too much effort, consider switching up some accents features in your home instead, like the cushions, drapes, accessories, towels, and bedding.

Change Your Lighting

Light plays an important role in sprucing up your home and making your space seem brighter during the duller months. Layering light – using lamps in addition to your ceiling lights – can also help brighten any particular spots in the home that are shadowed and dark.

Maximize Natural Light

During the dull winter months, it can feel less than inspiring to open the blinds – especially when there’s such a limited amount of daylight. But make an effort to open your drapes and blinds up nice and wide to let in as much natural light as you can. Even a short dosage of natural light can work wonders for enhancing the brightness and ambiance of your home.

Update Your Flooring

Feel like you need a little bit more pop than your hardwood is providing? Consider throwing down some new, bright and colourful rugs to add brighter tones to the flooring.

Try Reflective Surfaces

Mirrors are a great, easy way to disperse and reflect light throughout your home. You can hang a large mirror on top of your mantle, or create a collage of mirrors on a feature wall. Get creative and think of ways you can add in mirrors to brighten up the walls in your home.

It doesn’t take much to add some much-needed warmth and light to your home during these dull winter months. Whether you’re considering some upgrades or simple enhancements, any of these ideas are guaranteed to brighten your space this season.

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