CLV Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween is only a few weeks away, and it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll decorate your CLV Group apartment! If you’re having some friends over for a Halloween get together, below are some ideas that can inspire you.

Food Ideas

– Turn your cheese ball into a skull shape
– Splatter red icing onto cupcakes or cookies for a creepy effect
– Create mini pizza’s shaped like hands
– Make finger dippers with pizza dough and marinara sauce
– Mix together Halloween inspired drinks using red food colouring

Decoration Ideas

– Create a spell book and decorate the area with spider webs
– Use fake crows to create a spooky corner in your apartment
– Add fake blood hand prints to your bathroom towels
– Drip red wax on a white candle for a creepy bloody effect
– Create floating heads with Styrofoam heads and a sheer sheet


Take a look at our Pinterest Page for more Halloween party inspiration! Share your spooky Halloween decorations with us by tagging @clvgroup in your photos.


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