Hiking Trails to Explore this Fall

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Fall is here! A traditional fall activity to partake in is going for a scenic hike with your friends or family. Your CLV Group apartment is centrally located to allow for easy access to various amenities and attractions, with hiking trails being one of those!

Check out some of the trails near your home below and explore them with your family this Thanksgiving weekend.


Meadowlily Woods | 4.6 km
Kains Woods | 5.8 km
Westminster Ponds | 10 km


Watsons Creek Train | 1.5 km
CNR Spurline Trail | 1.6 km
Guelph Lake Train | 2.8 km
Speed River Trail | 3.4 km
Downtown Trail/Trans Canada Trail | 4.3 km

See more trails in Guelph, here.


Karst Features Trail | 2.8 km
Dundas Valley Loop | 3.4 km
Fifty Point Trail | 3.4 km
Escarpment Rail Trail | 32 km one way

See more trails in the Burlington/Hamilton area, here.


Bleasdell Boulder Conservation Area | 1.5 km
Trenton Greenbelt Conservation Area | 2.5 km
Waterfall Trail | 4.3 km

See more trails in Trenton, here.


Pioneers Trail | 1.3km
Pink Lake Trail | 2.5 km
Luskville Falls Trail | 4.5 km
Green’s Creek Trails | 5.5 km
Mer Bleue Trails | 21.7 km

See more trails in Ottawa, here.


Maisonneuve Park | 5 km
Wolf Trail | 8.3 km
Mont-Royal | 30 km

Share your favourite hiking spot in the comments below!


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