Planning a Montreal “Staycation”

Montreal attracts floods of tourists each year. And now, more locals are catching on that instead of vacationing elsewhere, they can find all that they need and more to enjoy the summer at home. For some inspiration and ideas on what to do when planning a Montreal staycation this fall, check out some of these popular ideas below.

Browse Through the Old Port Markets

The Old Port markets are a must, for both tourists and locals alike, to browse through and enjoy endless varieties of goods to purchase. Of course, for many locals, having the time to actually visit and really enjoy The Old Port with its heritage sites and old-world charm isn’t always practical. But when the beautiful early fall weather rolls around, it’s the perfect item to add to your “Staycation” list.

Take a Tour

Whether you prefer to walk, bike or even take a bus, there are organized tours for any mode of transportation that you prefer that offer carefully crafted tours that cover the best of Montreal.  You can find details about bike and walking tours here. You can also hop on any of the red buses and ride through the city London-style in the red double decker. These buses take you around the city and show you all of the major highlights such as Dorchester Square, Old Montreal, Place Jacques Cartier, Chinatown, and so much more.

Visit Saint-Bernard & the Marguerite-D’Youville Wildlife Refuge

Taking a trip to Ile Saint-Bernard and the Marguerite-D’Youville wildlife refuge is a perfect outing. This is a great activity when you have plenty of time to enjoy the day. And taking the Chateauguay-Lachine ferry across will make you feel as though you’ve travelled much further beyond the city than only 20 minutes away!

Visit Chartier-De Lotbinière Park & L’Escapade – Rigaud

This is another great destination that will make you feel like you’re far away from home. This place offers so much for the family to enjoy including a playground, splash pad, outdoor gym, and even a skate park. You can also hike along 27km of trails along Mont Rigaud or go zip-lining at Arbraska. The options are endless!

Beach Day at the Regional Park of the Saint-Timothée Islands

If you’re looking for a beach day before the cold weather hits, then head here! You can enjoy wide, groomed fluffy sand to your heart’s content. It’s very quiet with some serene views to take in – the perfect way to relax and unwind.

This year, forget about saving for an exotic destination. Instead, why not do what so many others are doing to enjoy the early fall without stretching past their budgets? Enjoy the wonders of your own city! Start planning your Montreal staycation with some of these ideas!

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