How to Make the Most of Your Gap Year

Going from high school directly into university or college life can quickly leave students feeling lost and overwhelmed. That’s why so many students have begun to recognize the value in taking a gap year before staring post-secondary studies.

Though many people choose to take a gap year to travel the world and experience new cultures, there is also great value to be found in a gap year taken right here at home. How can you make the most of your year of freedom?

Let’s explore what you can do around Hamilton during a gap year before heading to McMaster or Mohawk:

Funding Your Gap Year

Love the idea of taking that year off, but not sure how to make it financially practical? Well, if you don’t have enough funds saved, you can earn cash with part-time or full-time work. In addition to traditional retail and temp jobs that are popular with young workers, you can also find freelance work online if you have a skill such as writing or web design.

Learn a New Language

Even if you don’t travel the world, you can still broaden your horizons by learning a new language. In addition to programs offered through the City of Hamilton, you can join with others learning the language throughout the city, like these regular French language meetups. Challenge yourself – and have fun doing it – with free language learning apps such as Duolingo, which teaches languages ranging from Spanish and German to Welsh and even High Valyrian, for you Game of Thrones fans out there.


Volunteering is a great way to find balance and give back to the community in your gap year. Volunteering and getting involved in your community and local organizations can offer new insights and allow you to help others and discover more about yourself. Whether you’re interested in spending time with seniors, volunteering to coach youth sports, or cleaning up the community – make volunteer work part of your gap year experience to help keep you grounded while doing something purposeful. Visit Volunteer Hamilton to find opportunities to give back.

No matter the reason, taking a gap year can truly be an invaluable experience. Getting involved, meeting new people, and learning new skills can offer so many new insights. It can allow you to discover so much more about yourself, which can give you the confidence and focus that is crucial when you to take on your next chapter as a university or college student.

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