Though apartment design trends are always evolving, Floral prints have been a popular element of interior design for decades. Today, floral designs have surged in popularity with a new and contemporary twist. Forget about your grandma’s dated florals – we’re talking about bold, colourful, statement pieces that can make any room in your apartment look fantastic. But before you hop on the floral train, there are some key components to consider before incorporating it into your space. Overloading a room with a mixture of floral patterns, for example, is never the way to go. It’s all about using accents.

If you’re eager to get on board with the 2017 design trends with fabulous floral prints, here are a few great ways to make it work in your space.

Floral Artwork

Floral artwork is a perfect way to add a big, bright and bold splash to a room. A popular design trend is to use a big floral print or original artwork behind a bed to replace the need for a headboard. This is a great way to highlight a feature area and add some colour.

Floral Bedding

Getting creative with your bedding is another popular option, as long as you’re sticking with neutral tones on the walls. Since the bed is a focal part of the bedroom, this really allows it to stand out front and centre to add that cottage-charm to a room. And instead of using small prints, today, it’s all about big patterns with realistic florals designs.

Floral Accent Pieces

Buying new furniture to suit current design trends isn’t convenient, nor is it cost-effective. Swapping out accent pieces, on the other hand, is the perfect way to find design inspiration without breaking the bank. Floral pillows, throws, and decorative accents a great way to elevate the look of your space without committing to the style completely. The best floral accent of all? Fresh, vibrant flowers!

Floral Light Fixtures

Light fixtures can often get neglected when it comes to boosting the design of a room. But today, more apartment dwellers are ditching the boring lamp shades for stunning floral prints instead. If placing prints on your wall or bedding isn’t your style, you can add that little touch of floral here.

With the array of classic, vintage, bold, and contemporary styles to choose from – it’s no wonder floral prints have been around for so long and continue to thrive in the design world. Whether it’s cheerful and colourful, modern and chic, or earthy and antique – get your floral on this year!

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