Giving Your Old Clothes a Second Life

Looking to give your old clothes a second life? Fall is the perfect time to sift through your closet and pile up those old clothes that are no longer serving you well, for whatever reason. Here are some easy ways to help lighten your load and clear out the clutter while helping to serve others who may need them.

Donate to Your Favourite Charity

Donating them is of course, a great way to get rid of old clothes, while still giving them new life. Worthy organizations to donate too in Burlington include Goodwill, Halton Women’s Place, Dress for Success Burlington, Ontario Federation for Cerebral Palsy and Diabetes Canada. As we move into fall, warmer clothes, jackets, and boots are in higher demand.

Sell to a Local Consignment Shop

If you’re strapped for cash and your clothes are in good condition, then you can also consider selling them to a local consignment store. Depending on the store, they will either pay you once your items have been sold, or sometimes they might just pay you then and there.

Swap or Sell Online

There are many Facebook groups these days that are designed for swapping or selling items within particular neighbourhoods and areas. You can hop on Facebook to look for one dedicated to the Burlington area. Then, snap some photos of your items and place them up for others to swap or purchase.

Donate Old Linens to Dog Shelters

If you have any old linen included in your “discard” pile, then consider donating them to a dog shelter. These shelters are always in need of extra blankets and linens to help the dogs to feel more comfortable.

Host a Clothing Swap Party

Clothing swap parties have become increasingly popular over the last few years as budgets tighten and more people are looking be swift with their money. If a garage sale doesn’t tickle your fancy, then maybe a clothing swap party will. All you need to do is reach out to your friends to see who is interested in participating. Everyone brings along old clothes they no longer want and you can swap away your items while catching up and having an enjoyable evening. It’s a win-win!

There are so many different ways to give your old clothes new life. Burlington has an array of organizations and charities that would be more than happy to accept your donations. You can also consider clothing swaps and online community forums to use. Hop online and check out what’s available in your Burlington neighbourhood.

If you’re planning a move, slimming down your wardrobe is a must. Meanwhile, check out apartments for rent in Burlington to find your next home in a snap!


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