Staying in Touch with College Friends

Group of college friends

University is where we make some of our closest life friends, building bonds that can last a lifetime. Still, it’s often tough to stay in touch with your college friends after school, especially when busy work schedules and life get in the way. If you’re looking for ways to stay in touch with university friends, here are some tips you can use so you don’t lose contact after you graduate.

Create a Scheduled Get Together

If you and your college friends are all living in Ottawa, try to schedule a monthly hangout session in your calendars. Try to keep it the same day each month so you can easily plan the rest of your schedule around the meetup. To keep it interesting, you may want to take turns hosting at each other’s apartments. If some friends have all moved away, you can stay connected by planning a get together at least once a year when your schedules permit – it’s a great excuse for a weekend getaway!

Add a Group Chat on Your Phone

There are lots of apps that allow you to create a group chat on your phone. Each time someone texts, you will get a notification, which can help you to stay in the loop with everyone or any upcoming events. It’s an easy and wonderful way to stay in touch, whether you’re talking about big life changes or just laughing about the latest viral video.

Use Video Chat

When you can’t meet up, why not talk virtually face to face through your laptop or phone? There are lots of different and free VOIP software programs that allow you to connect directly with one another, like Skype and FaceTime. The best part is that you will feel as if you are sitting and talking to them right in your own living room.

Use Social Media

With social media, staying connected with everyone has become super easy. You can share photos, updates, and post quick messages with each other whenever you have time. There is no easier way to stay in touch with friends who have relocated all over the world or have busy schedules.

Plan a Trip Together

Taking a long weekend or full week vacation can help your friend group get some quality time together once again. Not only will you get to reminisce, but you can also do something different together to grow your friendship and create more lasting memories. Plus, there are so many options to choose from to keep everyone entertained – you could opt for a camping trip in and around Ottawa, take a short trip to Algonquin Park or Thousand Islands, spend the weekend in Tremblant…the choice is yours.  

You don’t have to say goodbye forever after you graduate. Staying connected is as easy as ever in today’s technology-enhanced world.

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