5 Ideas to Maximize Space in your Montreal Apartment


Whether you live in a studio apartment, bachelor apartment, or one-bedroom apartment, maximizing space has become almost like an art form. It’s all about strategizing and getting creative with your furniture and living space. Here are five ideas to help maximize space in your Montreal apartment.

Paint in The Light

Before moving your furniture around or mulling over ideas of what to do, consider the paint on the walls first. While dark and bold colours are visually pleasing, they can make a room appear smaller than it really is. Light colours and shades such as off-white, cream, or even white, are not only extremely effective at brightening up an area and creating a bigger illusion of space, but they are also very popular in current design trends. Neutral tones give you so much opportunity to get creative with the rest of your décor.

Consider Your Musts

If you’re staring at your apartment wondering how to lay out the floor plan, consider your absolute “musts” first.  For instance, if you plan to host dinner parties, you’ll want to integrate a dining room table and sufficient seating into your floor plan. If dinner parties aren’t on the menu, then maybe that dining area can be used for another purpose, like an office space. It’s important to consider the intended purpose of each section and each piece of furniture when you’re tight on space. Everything should have a purpose and delight or comfort you in its own way.

Use Different Palettes of Colour to Differentiate Areas

Keeping with the neutral walls, you can add in splashes of colour to your décor while using hues to distinguish between different areas of your apartment. For your entranceway, you could add a narrow table, along with two colourful, plush stools to tuck underneath it with a complimenting palette and theme to make it obvious that it’s the entranceway section. For the dining area, consider a rustic wooden table with a bold rug, or awash tonal blues for the bedroom. Use colours and patterns to create flow and add character.

Choose Furniture Wisely

When you’re shopping around for new furniture, choose wisely. Furniture should be multi-functional whenever possible – your coffee table conceals magazines and electronic accessories inside it, and footstools can be removed from under your tabletop when you need extra seating. Modular furniture can make all the difference.


Your living space is yours, so be open to change if it doesn’t feel right. Something as simple as rearranging the couch placement, adding plants, or redesigning an underused nook in your apartment can be a transformative difference.

Living in a smaller space opens up a new range of design opportunities. Get creative when it comes to the layout and furnishings, and discover what works for you. To help you make the most out of your apartment space, consider these tips first.

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