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The many advantages of staying active are well documented. Regular physical activity destresses, energizes, and focuses you. It improves heart and lung health, and gets feel-good endorphin’s flowing in the brain. Simply put, staying active improves quality of life. Here are some ways to work fitness into your routine:

Join Sports Leagues

Not only are sports leagues a great way to stay active, they’re also a great way to meet people, especially if you are new in town. Name the sport, and Burlington has a league for it: hockey, basketball, softball, volleyball, ultimate frisbee – the list goes on. Find a sport at your skill level (beginner, intermediate, advanced) and intensity level (recreational or competitive) for men, women, or co-ed/mixed.

Join the Gym

Whether you like to run on the treadmill, lift weights, or sign up for a spinning class, fitness centres have everything you need for whole-body fitness. Once you get into a routine, it becomes a rewarding part of your daily schedule. If you’re a university or college student, take advantage of the gym membership that is likely included as part of your tuition. To encourage a healthy workforce, some employers cover gym membership partially or fully, so make sure to ask.  

Outdoor Trails

Take advantage of the beautiful summer weather and scenery in Burlington by going for a walk, jog, or run, or bike ride along the many well-maintained trails in the area. The scenic Burlington Waterfront Trail, for instance, winds along the Lake Ontario waterfront and is part the Trans Canada Trail. Nearby Bruce Trail, Canada’s oldest and longest footpath, run just north of Burlington.

Non-Conventional Exercise

A workout doesn’t have to take place in a gym. As long as the activity gets your heart rate up and gets your body moving, it counts. Why not visit a rock climbing wall, sign up for dance lessons, go swimming, or head to the park to play frisbee with friends? You can even get paid to exercise – how about starting a dog walking service? Exercise is what you make it!

Apartment Exercise

Can’t find the motivation to leave your apartment and go to the gym? You can plan an apartment workout routine will no equipment or expenses necessary. Body weight exercises like wall sits, lunges, planks, push-ups, and sit-ups can help get the heart pumping and build muscle strength. You can also strengthen, rejuvenate, and destress with yoga in your apartment. Don’t let bad weather or a bad mood get you down!

Check out more suggestions for an apartment workout routine!

Staying active is essential to physical and mental health, so get out there and make the most of what our beautiful city has to offer.

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