Whether you’re studying in Hamilton or have decided to take a leap at your career and start a new job far from home, homesickness is often a very real and common occurrence. It’s perfectly normal and can be difficult to overcome when you feel overwhelmed in an unfamiliar setting. But it’s important to stick it out and do what you can to alleviate your nerves and stress so that you can learn to enjoy and take full advantage of your new location. To help you achieve this, check out these five effective ways to ease homesickness.

Keep Busy to Distract Your Thoughts

Homesickness is usually something that has a tendency to creep into the forefront of your thoughts when you are alone and bored with plenty of time on your hands. The best way to combat this sensation is to keep busy. Go to the gym, head out to the local café around the corner and bring a book along, or explore the city and all that it has to offer. Keeping busy will help distract your thoughts while also getting you more engaged with your surroundings.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Moving to a new place – whether it’s temporary or permanent – means that often, even the slightest action (such as figuring out how to use the transit system) can force you to step outside of your comfort zone. It can be both terrifying and liberating since everything that was familiar and simple back home is now some sort of unfamiliar challenge. By taking those steps, you can ease into your new location and get over your fear.

Meet People

This should also include meeting new people. Take the initiative and reach out to your classmates or co-workers to invite them out for a drink or to see a movie. If you want to expand your social circle, join a club at school, sign up for a sports league, or check out Meetups in Hamilton. There, you’ll find everything from meditation groups to hiking clubs to LGBTQ associations. Get involved in CLV Group resident events. Ask your Customer Care Coordinator for more information on your property’s next event!

Use Technology

When you feel that you’re starting to grow more homesick, acknowledge it and take advantage of technology. There are so many apps available that allow you to see and chat with your family and friends whenever you need to. You can text family and friends throughout the day, keep up with their lives on Facebook or Snapchat, and end the day with a FaceTime or Skype call. No matter the distance, your loved ones are never far.

Keep Your Mind Focused

When you take a big leap such as studying or working in a new city, there can be frequent moments when you doubt your entire decision. Keep your mind focused on what sparked your initial decision. Maybe it was the need to get out and explore something new or to help you break out of your shell. Whatever the reason, use it as your motivation whenever those voices of doubt and fear start to surface.

Don’t allow homesickness to ruin your experience in this incredible city. Take advantage of technology to call home, force yourself to explore and meet new people, and above all – stay focused and motivated on why you initially wanted this change.

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