Allergy Sufferer? 3 Tips to Breathe Easy in Your Hamilton Apartment

Allergy Sufferer  tips to Breathe Easy in your Hamilton Apartment

Are you being tormented by allergies? When the seasons change and you suddenly start to feel that tickle in your nose, or that itch in your eyes, you know what lays ahead – relentless days and nights of suffering with allergies. For allergy sufferers, the struggle with seasonal or year-round symptoms is a battle that we always seem to end up losing.  But, with a few handy tactics in place, you can help reduce those irritating symptoms and get some relief. If you’re an allergy sufferer, check out these three important tips to breathe easy in your Hamilton apartment.

Get Rid of That Dust!

Dust is often the number one enemy to those ceaseless sneezing fits, and the bedroom is where those fits tend to flare up. But when you stop to think about all the different areas that dust can linger, it’s not really surprising. Keeping the bedroom clean and washing your sheets at least every two weeks will help reduce the presence of dust mites.

Keep Your Apartment Clean

We’ve all heard it before – keeping your home clean helps eliminate many of those annoying symptoms. If you’re suffering, then this has to become a priority. Schedule one day a week to give your house a thorough clean, vacuuming all of those crevices, including along the ceiling fans and areas that might be more out of sight.

With a little bit of work each day, keeping your apartment immaculate is no issue at all. Every day, you can dust lightly while waiting for your food to cook or during TV commercials. Weekly, dust furniture and shelving, vacuum carpets and rugs, and change your bed sheets. Monthly, vacuum the baseboards and heating/cooling vents. Once a season, air out the rooms, wash the windows, and clean throw pillows and blankets. These simple steps can help keep your apartment spotless and dust-free.

Check out our illustrated guide to Keeping a Clean Apartment for full details!

Don’t just surrender to your allergy symptoms – fight back! You can greatly reduce those irritations by taking control of your living space and eliminating those common culprits that can turn your home into an uncomfortable place to simply breathe.

Fight back this summer and breathe easy with these handy tips for your Hamilton apartment!


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