Exploring the Royal Botanical Gardens

Exploring the Royal Botanical Gardens

Plants are fascinating to observe and learn about, and there’s no better place to submerge yourself in this natural realm than the Royal Botanical Gardens located in Hamilton. It’s the largest botanical garden in all of Canada and has been deemed as a National Historic Site. Head out for a day with friends and explore the Royal Botanical Gardens this summer. Here are just a few of the things it has to offer.

Diversity of Natural Sanctuaries

The Royal Botanical Gardens has been described as a living interactive museum that offers stunning displays of natural sanctuaries, along with year-round events. There are numerous gardens to explore on your own or with a guided tour. The diversity of the park is extraordinary, displaying everything, from wild flowers, rose beds and even medicinal plants as well. It even offers exhibits during some of the cooler months such as the Mediterranean Garden, which is a 12,000-square-foot greenhouse that blooms all year round.

Art Exhibits

In addition to the breathtaking displays, you can also enjoy art exhibits that occur frequently in the RBG. For example, just recently Earth Art was introduced to the Gardens, in which eight Canadian and international artists were invited to create unique art installations. Using only the materials provided from the Royal Botanical Gardens, each of these “Earth” pieces offering stunning, creative depictions of our natural, historical world. Visitors can walk through and enjoy each of these original pieces from around the world.

Education, Events and Entertainment

The RBG hosts events and entertainment throughout the year to partake in and enjoy. Throughout the spring and summertime there will be a Speaker Series that provides informative lectures that explore more about Ontario’s history and connection to the natural world. You can also enjoy the Concert Series with Garden Music Nights that are also happening throughout the summer, along with culinary events and so much more.

Canada’s 150th Celebration

With Canada’s big 150th birthday coming up this year, the RBG is celebrating all year long by showcasing the beauty and natural diversity of Ontario through exhibitions, horticultural displays, along with music and entertainment throughout the year.

So be sure to check out the Royal Botanical Gardens this year in Hamilton. With over 1,100 hectares of space, there’s so much to see and do! Check out their website for a full listing of the events and exhibitions that you can the family can enjoy this summer.

Royal Botanical Gardens is conveniently located for all of our Hamilton residents to enjoy. If you are looking for the perfect place to call home, feel free to contact one of our rental agents or explore our desirable apartments for rent in Hamilton!


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