Overcoming Test Anxiety

Overcoming Test Anxiety

Feeling nervous before an exam is normal – your stomach feels queasy, your palms get sweaty, and suddenly your mind goes blank. As you stand outside of your classroom waiting to begin, those can be the most anxiety-inducing moments to contend with before the big moment. If you’ve experienced this, you’re certainly not alone. But there are ways that you can help yourself combat those nerves and feel confident when faced with your next exam. If you are a student at McMaster University or Mohawk College here in Hamilton, here are some helpful tactics that can help you overcome test anxiety before your next big exam:

Be Prepared

It may sound cliché, but that’s because this is the one and only way to truly combat test-related nerves. When you’ve spent the time studying and preparing adequately for an exam, you give your body and mind that boost of confidence that it needs to help deter those thoughts of doubt. There’s just no easy way around it – you’ve got to study! Schedule time well in advance of the test to learn and review the material.

Don’t Cram

Cramming has been proven time and time again that it is an ineffective way to learn and retain information. If you’re planning on stuffing in all of that material the night before and the morning of the exam to remember as much as you can – be prepared to draw a blank. This is the easiest way to overwhelm and fluster your brain, which makes it difficult to recall the information you need under pressure.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep is another reason why cramming is never a good strategy. Adequate rest is crucial for your brain to function optimally. Try to ensure that you get at least eight hours of sleep before your test.

Create a Study Environment

When you are studying in your Hamilton apartment, do you feel focused and calm, or does it stress you out? Simple little changes, like cleaning up, carving out a study nook, and putting on some focus music can make all the difference.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

Another reason to get to bed early is so that you can get up early enough so that you can avoid rushing. Rushing will only exacerbate your nerves, so give yourself plenty of time to eat and get to the testing area early.

Fuel Up

Fuelling up matters, so eat a nutritional breakfast before your test to give your body and mind the brainpower it needs to stay focused and alert. Brain-boosting food includes eggs, nuts, and yogurt.

When it’s time to gear up for test time in Hamilton, help yourself combat those nerves by giving yourself plenty of time to prepare. By adopting these habits for exam day, you’ll be set to tackle that test with confidence.

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