Tips for Keeping Your Pet Happy in Your Apartment

Tips for Keeping Your Pet Happy in Your Apartment

Living in Burlington provides many fun entertainment opportunities, even for you and your pet. While there are months where you will be going for walks on a cold day, there are also beautiful months to be spent having a picnic and play date at the dog park! With these tips, both you and your pet will be so happy in your new Burlington apartment.

Make the Time for Regular Exercise

 If you have a pet, then you know just how important exercise is for their mood and well-being. But when it comes to apartment living, it can present some challenges in terms of “play space”. Make sure to create time on a consistent, regular basis for your pets to run around and get some fun and exercise. Rosemount Apartments even offers a Dog Run out back for your furry friend to run around.

Do Your Research on Different Breeds

 If you don’t have a pet yet but are in search of a new furry addition to the family, do some research on which breeds thrive in smaller spaces – it can depend on more than just size! Some large dogs, for example, thrive in smaller spaces, whereas some smaller ones can be exceptionally hyper and require lots of room to roam around. While this likely won’t make or break your decision, if you are committed to apartment living long-term, it could be a wise consideration.

Hire a Dog Walker

 It’s not always possible to give your pet as much active outdoor time as they need, especially if you work in an office during the day time and if you have a lot of activities in the evenings and weekends. That’s where a dog walker can help. Hiring some daytime assistance is important if you’re unable to be home during the day to let your pets out to run around.

Get Them a Companion

 Sometimes, two is better than one! If you do have a pet that does have to spend hours alone until you get home, why not get another furry friend to keep them company? Giving your pet that companionship by having another one can keep them preoccupied and prevent them from feeling lonely.

With these simple strategies, you can keep your furry loved one happy and active in your new home in Burlington. Are you still searching for the perfect new apartment? Browse our selection of spacious, pet-friendly Burlington apartments today!


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