Start De-Cluttering Your Apartment BEFORE Spring

Start De Cluttering Your Apartment BEFORE Spring

Who says you need to wait until spring to de-clutter your home? There’s really no better time than now to give your Montreal apartment a thorough cleaning BEFORE spring arrives. You can take advantage of that gloomy winter weather and get a head start, then enjoy spring! Here’s how to tackle your de-cluttering.

Divide your Apartment into Sections

It can easily become overwhelming if you attempt to dive in and tackle de-cluttering all at once. That’s why expert organizers always suggest to divide your home into sections so that you can tackle your cleaning bit by bit. You can start this off by creating a simple list of all the different sections or areas of your apartment, then focus on one section at a time.

Create a Schedule

When it comes to de-cluttering, procrastination is something that many of us are guilty of. After tackling the first or second room, we lose our enthusiasm for getting organized and slowly begin to forget about the rest of the apartment altogether. That happens because we take on too much too soon. Instead, plan to clean and reorganize one afternoon or evening per week to get everything done at a steady pace.

Strategize a Method

Often, getting distracted while we clean is the biggest thief of time. One second you’re looking through a drawer, the next second an hour has passed and you spent the whole time looking at old photos you had forgotten about. Develop a method to stay on track and maintain efficiency.

This can include removing larger, bulky object and furniture first and then working your way downward to closets and drawers. Starting at the superficial layer and working your way deeper into the sub layers and drawers is often most effective. And try to resist the temptation to delve too deeply into those nostalgic items!

Donate, Give Away, Toss Away

When you’ve determined what is being kept, it’s time to determine what can be given away, what can be sold, donated and what is beyond being salvaged. You can place some items online for sale, ask around to family and friends who may want your unused items, or donate them to local organizations within your area.

Take advantage of the cold, winter weather here in Montreal. Use your time indoors now to reorganize and get ready for easy breezy days in spring! Are you looking for a new apartment this spring? Check out our selection of beautiful apartments in Montreal!


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