How to Give Your CLV Group Apartment a Mini Makeover

With the warm weather around the corner, you may be itching to spend more time outdoors, but that doesn’t mean that your apartment should be forgotten! Spring is the perfect time to revamp your current apartment décor, and source out some new pieces or simply move some of your existing furniture around for an updated look to compliment the new season. Continue reading to find out how you can give your CLV Group apartment a mini makeover that won’t break the bank.

Reconsider Your Existing Furniture & Décor

Investing in quality staple pieces for around your home generally means that you are planning on keeping them for the long haul. However, how often do you reconsider your smaller, budget items? Take a walk through your apartment and see if you feel comfortable parting with any of your existing items to clear up some room, or if anything is dated that you would like to change. Consider parting with or storing any items that you don’t need for spring/summer so that you have more room for the open and fresh vibe that this season brings.

Shake Things Up!

Once you have decided what items you will be keeping in your apartment for the season, you will most likely have some additional room to play around with. It’s important to work with what you have before investing in additional pieces so you don’t end up with too much clutter. Consider moving your bed so you can wake up to the warm spring/summer sun waking you up in the morning, or try setting furniture on an angle. Even the smallest change will make a difference, and at this point, you haven’t even invested any additional money!


Now that you have moved some furniture around and invested in some newer pieces to give your apartment an updated look, consider getting crafty and creating or adding some simple do-it-yourself pieces.

Wall Art

Adding artwork to your walls is an easy way to update the feel of your apartment, and there are multiple ways that you can do this. Consider artwork that run in a series, such as beach frames all by the same artist. Try lining these up and down your hallway to create a series statement piece. Alternatively, mix personal, professional or printed photos and artwork on the same wall to create a collection. Get creative and place them in an assortment of different shaped/sized frames. This is sure to provide an instant makeover to your apartment.

Click here for free printables for your gallery wall.


Bring the Outdoors Inside

Spring is the most stunning of all the seasons, especially because of all the florals that brighten our everyday scenery. Consider bringing some flowers and branches indoors for decorative pieces and an organic, fresh look. You could even use some of your existing picture frames to house pressed flowers, adding to your already awesome wall art collection!



Adding a fresh coat of paint is a simple way to update the look and feel of your apartment, however this can be a daunting and time consuming task. To alleviate the time and dedication needed to update the paint in your apartment, consider creating an accent wall in just one of your rooms. This will help to make the chosen room “pop” with some colour and will definitely take less time than painting the entire room.

Click here to learn how you can choose an accent wall to paint in your apartment.


Try a New Scent

In the winter, you were most likely surrounded by the warm scents of pine, hot cocoa, cinnamon and cranberry, but now that the season has changed, your apartment scent should as well! Now is the time to freshen your apartment’s scent with floral, citrus and beachy aromas. The easiest way that you can do this is through candles, scent sticks, air wicks and soaps!


Let us know how you will give your CLV Group apartment a mini makeover in the comments below or tag us in your social posts online!


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