It’s a new year and it’s time to get your home organized to help keep you stress-free throughout 2016. Follow our tips and tricks to begin organizing your home with ease!

The Game Plan!

De-cluttering and organizing your home can seem like a daunting and time-consuming task. To alleviate this concern, begin with a plan.

1. Make a list of every room

2. Choose a starting room

3. Tackle one room per day

Going through one room per day will allow you to focus. If you try to tackle every room at once, you may become distracted or irritated. Remember, the organization of your home is for your benefit!

Tackle one room at a time to help you stay organized!

Tackle one room at a time to help you stay organized!

The Sorting System!

Organizing and de-cluttering your home will make you question the items you have and what you should do with them. Consider the “Trinity Sorting System” to help you make these decisions and keep your home clutter free!

Trinity Sorting System = Keep, Leave or Store and/or Fix.

Use the trinity sorting system to help your categorize your items!

Use the trinity sorting system to help your categorize your items!


When moving through the various rooms of your home, make piles of all the items you would like to keep, the items that you need to get rid and the items that you need to put away in storage and/or fix. Below is a quick list of ways to help you decide what you should get rid of in order to free up more space and de-clutter various rooms in your home!

Magazines and Books

Are you a culprit of hoarding too many magazines or books? It isn’t often that you will continuously read the same piece multiple times. Consider giving any magazines and novels to a shelter, library or school if you haven’t touched them in over six months.


How many times have you lost a sock in the washing machine or dryer? How many times have you never found the other half? Keeping one sock to the side in your laundry area or clothing hamper begins to make a mess, and chances are, you aren’t going to find the other half. Consider donating your socks to a shelter – you aren’t wearing them anyway, and this act of kindness will make you feel great!

Writing Utensils

It is safe to say that pencils, crayons and markers usually don’t get thrown out, but put back into the box they came from, and who wants to deal with sifting through broken, colourless or old markers (am I right?!). Declutter your craft and stationary area by throwing out any unusable items, and recycle when you can!


How often do you scramble in the morning, trying to find the lid or bottom of a Tupperware container for your lunch? The chances are if you can’t find it now, you won’t find it ever. Consider throwing away any Tupperware that is missing its significant other. This will not only leave with you pieces that you know will work, but will also free up space in your cupboard!

The Execution

Once you have finished going through your designated room, take a look at your three sorting piles. Begin with your storage pile and place them into cardboard boxes and sort them by category so that you are keeping “like” items together. Label each box and place them in your storage area immediately to get them out of the way.

Next, execute your pile that is going to leave. What do you need to throw away? What are you going to donate? Are you going to sell any of these items? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself at this stage in order to properly dispose of your items. If you have a large amount of items to dispose of, consider renting a dumpster (Junkit or Fast Bin) or using a removal company such as Got Junk to help you out!

Lastly, once all of your storage and products that are leaving your home have been put away, look at the items you have kept. Is there an open space that can house this item without the space looking cluttered, can you label the item to help with organization, or can this item be housed with a similar item somewhere else?

You will feel amazing after your apartment has become de-cluttered and organized!

You will feel amazing after your apartment has become de-cluttered and organized!


No matter how you decide to go about organizing your home, remember that you can do anything you put your mind too!

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Happy organizing!


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