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Whether working from home or in the office, consider adding some cheer to your desk with a plant!

Did you know that there are many benefits to adding indoor plants to your office?

– They add organic character and brighten the room (especially in the winter)

– They add personality to your work space

– They help to purify the air

Brighten Your Desk this Winter_CLV Group_Office Plants

When choosing the best plant for your workspace, consider your surroundings as well as your level of dedication. Are you near a window? How much space do you have for your plant? How often do you want to care for your plant? Asking yourself these simple questions will help you rule out different types of plants.

Click here for a guide to office plants, their benefit, light necessity and care level to help you determine the best plant for YOU!

Worried about how much space your new plant will take up? Click here to browse through nineteen tiny plants that might work great for your desk.

If you are worried about the amount of time you have to dedicate to your plant, consider a terrarium or air plant. Building your own terrarium allows you to get artsy, and customize your desk plant the way you want! To build your own terrarium, click here. Best of all, you can include faux plants or air plants that require no work at all, but still allow you to keep up with the office vibe.

Brighten Your Desk this Winter_CLV Group_Terrarium_DIY Terrarium

Remember to be mindful of your office neighbours. Some may have allergies to certain plants, so make sure to ask around before updating your desk.

Are you looking for plants more suitable for your home? Check out our post on “The Top 5 Best House Plants for Apartment Living” here. Worried about pets? We have you covered. Click here for a list of non-toxic plant choices for your apartment.


Once you have your office plant or terrarium set up, send us a picture at so we can see and share!


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