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Although we may be in the middle of winter, the mild days give us hope for spring! Regardless, there are only a few months left of winter and there are a ton of ways for you to stay active and fight your winter blues during the remainder of winter.

Stay Active

Our instinct in the winter is to eat. The cold weather makes us want to curl up, watch a movie and have some snacks. Staying active all year is important for our health! Most CLV Group properties have a fitness centre in the building that you can access. Join a class at a local gym or take smaller steps by taking the stairs, going for walks throughout the day, etc. Take a look at how you can work out using your apartment, here.


Fitness Centre at The Lakeshore Club in Burlington, Auburn Park in London and Forest Ridge in Ottawa.

Get Involved

Regardless of where you live, there is always something going on in every city. Volunteer at a local community centre, join a club or sports team, etc. Getting involved gets you out of your apartments and helps you stay engaged.

Get Outside

This may seem like a crazy idea, but trust us. Getting outside during the mild days or to take a quick walk to grab a coffee or run to the store are great ways to fight your winter blues. Although we like to hibernate in the winter, that’s what generally causes the winter blues. If you’re in Ottawa, the Rideau Canal has had its official open and is a great activity to partake in with friends or family – go for a skate and grab some hot chocolate and a beavertail to warm you up! In addition to skating, try snowshoeing, skiing, snowboarding, etc. If you’re in Montreal, check out how guide to Montreal in the winter here! Also take a look at your ultimate guide to winter in Ottawa, here.



Find something that you love to do and participate in it! Join a team, make a goal to read more, whatever it may be, hobbies help us stay busy and prevent the winter blues.


Whether you go out or stay in, friends and family can be instant mood boosters! Plan a weekly get together with a friend or plan a weekend trip away. You can also look into booking common areas in your CLV Group apartment. Speak to a Customer Care Coordinator on-site for more details!


Your CLV Group apartment is 100% pet-friendly! Pets are great for keeping us occupied and bring joy to our lives on a daily basis. Although pets have a lot of mood boosting qualities, it’s important that we also make sure are pets stay active and avoid winter blues themselves. Go for walks when you can and play some games inside during the colder days. Take a look at how to get rid of your pups winter blues, here.

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