Get Back in Shape This New Year: Apartment Workouts

et back in shape this new year apartment workouts

The New Year is all about starting fresh and putting your best self forward. That means it’s time to shed those excuses for not exercising – whether it’s not having the time, money, or space. The City of Burlington offers a wide variety of Burlington group fitness classes at different locations, including Tansley Woods Community Centre, Haber Recreation Centre, and more, which are fun and will get you moving.

Alternatively, you can workout right in your apartment! No monthly fee and you can work at your own pace. Get back in shape and start feeling great with this apartment workout routine.

Jumping Jacks

Who says you need a treadmill to get in some cardio? Jumping jacks are a perfect way to get your blood and heart rate pumping with little room required. This is a good way to begin any workout routine. You can incorporate jumping jacks into 2-minute bursts in between other exercises to keep your heart rate strong throughout your workout for maximum calorie burn.

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CLV Group Burlington apartment featuring tenant fitness centre for your convenience.

Boxing Jabs

This exercise really works out your arms and your engaged core muscles. It’s a three-in-one motion. Stand with one leg forward and the other slightly behind. Lift your hands in a closed fist position and begin doing two upper cut boxing movements, jabbing your fists upward, one at a time for each arm. Then move swiftly into side sweeping jabs, and finishing off with raising your back leg upward towards your stomach for a knee jab. So, when done together it’s upper cut, upper cut, side jab, side jab, single knee jab. Perform 10 repetitions and switch the position of your legs.

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Whatever your desired workout, our fitness centre can help you meet your goal for the new year!

Sweeping Legs

The sweeping legs exercise is simple and really targets your calves and quads. You need enough room to make a side jump. Begin by standing straight and then with one leg at a time, taking one big jump to the side as your opposite leg lifts away. Use your arms to swing with you and sweep the same arm towards your leg. Continue to hop from side to side on each individual leg for at least 10 repetitions. Perform 2 sets, gradually increasing speed each time.

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The convenience of our fitness centre will make it easier to workout consistently

Superman Pose

To target your entire body, the superman pose is great. It’s similar to a plank, so begin by lying down on the floor face down. Then begin by lifting your arms out straight and slightly off the ground. At the same time, lift your legs and move them up and down. Try to maintain this for at least 20 seconds and increase your duration each time.

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Our well equipped gym is just one of many reasons you’ll love our apartments in Burlington

Each of these exercises are great for working out just about every area of the body. And the best part is that they require no equipment or fees, and very little space. No more excuses! Start your year off right by trying out this simple workout that can be done right in the comfort of your apartment.

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