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Congratulations on finding your perfect apartment with CLV Group! There may be a lot on your mind when it comes to packing and what you need to get settled into your new place, but leave the stress behind and follow our CLV Group tips and guides below!

5 Tips for an Easy Move

tips for moving Hamilton

Begin with the packing stage – organize your items strategically to ensure all like items are placed in the same box and label each box so you can find what you’re looking for without digging. Another great tip is to sort through items as you’re packing and remove the pieces that you no longer use. Check out our 5 tips for an easy move, here.

10 Essentials for Your First Student Apartment

10 Essentials for Student Apt

Whether you’re a student moving out on your own or you’ve decided an apartment is the best fit for your needs and lifestyle, our 10 essentials for your first student apartment is sure to be a big help in determining the items needed in each room. Take a look at our guide here.

Shopping List to Get You Set Up in Your CLV Group Kitchen


An apartment isn’t complete without a full kitchen. Follow our shopping list here for some essential items to have on hand for meal preparation and cleaning.

Haven’t found the perfect place to call home yet? This is an exciting time in your life and CLV Group would love to help you find your perfect apartment! With options throughout Ontario and Quebec, our Customer Care Coordinators are experts at finding the perfect fit for you. Contact us here to get your apartment search started!


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