Keep Your Apartment Safe While You Are Away for the Holidays

keep your apartment safe while you are away for the holidays

The holidays are a busy time of the year. Whether you’ve planned some fun away in the sun, or that calendar’s just packed full of festive parties and family gatherings, it’s the ultimate time to indulge, dive into the (spiked) eggnog, and have some holiday fun. Of course, if you’re worried about how safe and secure your apartment is during those times you’re away indulging, it can put a damper on your festive mood.

Don’t let anxiety ruin your spirit. Use a few of these steps to ensure your Burlington apartment is safe and sound before you head out for that holiday cheer.

Ask a Friend or Trusted Neighbourhood to Keep an Eye Out

One of the best ways to gain some peace of mind is by simply asking a good friend or neighbour that you know and trust to keep an eye on things. They can be your extra set of eyes and ears once you’re away. If you expect to be gone longer than a few days, make sure someone is able to pop into your apartment at least once to collect any mail and make sure everything is in tiptop shape.

Be Smart About Social Media

As much as we all love to share our life stories and events with the world via Facebook or other social media, it also announces to the world that you’re away from home. Always keep in mind how easily others who are not your close and trusted friends can see your information if your privacy settings are not filtered accordingly.

Disconnect Any Electrical Items

Fires are also a real problem to be cautious about, especially around this time of year with the abundance of holiday décor and lights. Before you head out, take a few moments to unplug any electrical items, especially your holiday lights. While the bulbs are beautiful, it is not worth risking it while you are away. Plus, it will help lower your energy bill!

Before you head out to fully embrace the holiday season in a winter wonderland (or perhaps relax somewhere on a tropical beach), give yourself that peace of mind by taking the time beforehand to safeguard your apartment. It never hurts to be overprepared! Use these tips to ensure that all is safe and sound while you’re sipping cocktails at the in-laws (or on the beach!).

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