Tips for Hosting a Holiday Party in a Smaller Apartment Space

tips for hosting a holiday party in a smaller apartment space

The leaves have finally fallen and the evenings are oh so dark now! Before the swell of winter activities really ramp up in Ottawa, like Winterlude, skating on the Rideau Canal, and skiing on the beautiful hills in the Ottawa-Gatineau area, it’s important to embrace some holiday cheer! What better way to cheer up the winter blues than by hosting a party for family or friends?

The holiday season is all about getting together, baking some goodies, mixing eggnog with everything nice, and lighting up those darkened days with some good old fashioned merriment. And if you’re thinking you don’t have the room to throw down a great party in your apartment – think again! Intimate and cozy spaces are the prefect setting for hosting. All you need is a few strategies to help you make the most out of your apartment space.


First things first – de-clutter! Throwing a party in a small space is completely doable. All you need is to perform a little rearranging. Look around and try to remove any unnecessary furniture and objects – these items can spend the night cooped up in your bedroom. You’ve got to open up your main living space and make it inviting and comfortable enough for people to sit down, stand or even dance in comfort.

Have a Few Spots for Food

Of course, you need a few spots for any tasty goodies to rest – food or alcohol. Set up at least two tables (dining and coffee table) to place refreshments around the apartment. Having food dispersed will help break up the crowd and allow people to move around rather than staying put near one central area.

Set the Mood

No matter what the size of a party space may be, it really all comes down to the mood you set. Have some fun with decorating! Throwing up some string of lights is one of the best ways to really bring some ambience to the party and set that cozy holiday mood.

Keep Note of the Temperature

When hosting guests in a small apartment (combined with using the oven for warming up those delicious appetizers), you can bet the temperature will rise and create a pretty toasty apartment. Monitor the temperature in your apartment as the evening progresses and proactively add some fans to the room if you find it’s getting warm. You don’t want guests sweltering in heat!

Have a Designated Dumping Ground for Winter Wear

Of course, it is winter. So, your guests will have those big winter coats and maybe even big, slushy winter boots. Have a designated spot, or room so they can throw them all in and tuck them out of sight.

Don’t let the size of your apartment hold you back from throwing a festive holiday party! Embrace that cozy vibe and the holiday spirit by using a few handy strategies to make the most out of your apartment space.

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