4 Stretches to Start the Day Off Right

stretches to start the day

We want to make the process of settling into your new CLV Group Ottawa apartment as easy and enjoyable as possible – from the moment you wake up, to the last relaxing moments before bed. To help start your day off on the right foot, no matter what your work or school day has in store, trying to make a point to get up an extra 10 minutes early and incorporating some stretching into your routine can really brighten your day!

Taking this extra time in the morning may sound particularly challenging to those who aren’t exactly morning birds, but stretching after you wake up can help give your body energy and get ready for the day ahead. Try these 4 morning stretches to help start your day off on the right.

Neck and Shoulder Stretch

This stretch is one of the best you can do after a night of lying in a consistent position. Since we hold an immense amount of tension and pressure in our neck and shoulders, especially as we go throughout the day, begin each morning by simply turning your left ear over to your left shoulder and hold for about 20 seconds. Do the same for the opposite side and then relax. After a few seconds, begin to roll your shoulders towards the back and then the front. Then lift your shoulders and tense the muscles. Allow them to drop after a few seconds and repeat everything another 5 times.

Spinal Twist

If you suffer from lower backaches and pains, this stretch is perfect for you. Lie down of the floor and bend your legs together towards the left side while turning your head to the right. Spread your arms out wide across the floor with palm facing down. Continue this on opposite sides and hold the stretch each time for about 10 seconds.

Upward Stretch

Simple, but oh so effective – for this stretch, sit on the floor with your legs crossed and reach your arms up while linking your fingers together, palms facing upwards. This helps to increase your blood flow and elongate the spine. This stretches a great amount of your back and arm muscles as well.

Leg Lift

Begin this stretch by lying on the floor with your legs and arms relaxed. Then reach your hands forwards and lift your left legs up towards you. Hold this for about 10 seconds. Slowly lower your leg down and repeat the same stretch for the opposite leg.

It can be a serious struggle to get your body alert and awake in the mornings. But believe it or not, adding in some morning stretches can help stimulate your body and get it ready for the day ahead. Once you feel how good these stretches make you feel, you won’t even miss that extra 10 minutes you would have spent in bed!

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