Tips for Keeping Your Monthly Utility Bills Down

montly utility bill

We’ve all been there – avoiding opening our mail or checking our online statements until the very end of the month, procrastinating the inevitable utility bill.

To help keep your monthly utilities down, we consulted the experts for their tips. Learn how you can save money on your monthly apartment utility bills by implementing some of the simple changes, below!

Use Your Windows Strategically

Whether it’s the winter or summer, the sun is nature’s free energy source. Take advantage of the sun by opening window shades to save on lighting energy costs, and to reap the benefits of the sun’s radiant heat during the winter. During the summer months, invest in a good set of sun-blocking blinds that will shield the sun from overheating your apartment during the hottest afternoon hours.

Check the Seal Around Windows and Doors

With fall and winter just around the corner the best tip I can give is to make sure your home or apartment is properly insulated. Most people don’t have any idea how much cold air gets into your home through cracks and gaps around doors and windows. As a renter, these are matters you can bring up with your landlord if you are noticing drafts and heat escape.

Maximize Home Appliance Energy Efficiency

Many people think that in order to lower their utility bills, they have to live in discomfort by shortening hot showers or by living in uncomfortably warm temperatures during the summer. While these tactics can help, one of the best ways to save big on utility bills is to maximize home appliance energy efficiency. Most energy used by homes is consumed by the major appliances, and most appliances—especially electronics—continue to use energy even when “turned off”. For example, televisions and audio systems are major consumers of energy even when they are thought to be turned off – if they are plugged in, they are still using juice.

Here are our tips for how you can stop appliances from wasting energy and ultimately save big on their utility bills:

If available, use the “power save” mode on your refrigerator and keep your refrigerator temperature between 30 and 40 degrees. When buying new devices like TVs, for example, make sure they are energy star models. Always turn off or unplug electronic devices when you are not using them. As soon as a battery is recharged, unplug the device and charger. Also, make use of power strips in areas with multiple electronics; once installed, they can be easily switched on and off at night and times when everyone is at work or school. Set computers to sleep or hibernate when you aren’t using them.

Avoid Peak Hours

One of the best ways to save energy is to avoid using energy during peak energy usage hours. Peak hours are the time when the most energy is being used; in many places it’s from 12pm to 6pm, but check your local energy provider’s website for their specific pricing schedules to be sure. Many energy companies charge lower prices during weekends so this can be a good time to do your energy-reliant chores. If you have any energy-intensive tasks and chores to do during weekdays, such as laundry and running the dishwasher, make sure to do it during the evening to help save on your bills.

 Wash Clothes on Cool Cycle

90% of energy used by the washer goes into heating the water. By washing clothes in a cool cycle, energy efficiency improves drastically. Also, keeping appliances clean, up to date, and appropriately-sized for your needs will allow for optimal use and cost efficiency.

  • Sarah Lisovich, Senior Editor and Content Strategist, CIA Medical

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