5 Snacks for Your Halloween Party

Halloween snacks

Halloween in Burlington. That means Burlington Ghost Walks through the some of the city’s most historic sites, an evening spent admiring the hundreds of extravagant jack-o-lanterns at the Royal Botanical Gardens’ Great Pumpkin Trail, and of course, Halloween get-togethers with all of your roommates, and new apartment neighbours!

One of the best parts about throwing a Halloween party is that you get to be creative and embrace the ghoulish side of Halloween with some tasty and spooky snacks. Just because you’re all grown up, doesn’t mean you still can’t incorporate a little fun into your apps. If you’re looking for that perfect blend where adult meets your 10-year-old self, here are 5 snacks that will give your Burlington apartment the perfect essence of Halloween fun.

Monster Eyes

Think of meatballs – but with eyes. This is a simple and quick app that is perfect for your guests to nibble on and gawk at. Get your favourite sausage or meatball recipe, combine some cheese within it, and as you roll them into a ball, place a stuffed olive in the center. They’re tasty and take no time to make!

Pumpkin Cheese Ball

Perfect for fall and so quick to make – all you need to do is combine cream cheese, cheddar cheese and a dash of paprika to give it that perfect pumpkin orange colour. Then, get a broccoli stalk to pop on top and it’s the perfect pumpkin cheese ball. Add your favourite crackers and fruit to pair along side it.

Meaty Sliders

If you’re looking to add in something with a little more substance to the snacking table, pulled pork sliders are the perfect dish. If you have a slow cooker, you can pop in the pork, along with all the toppings and flavours from your favourite recipe. Set the heat and let it get nice and tender. When the guests arrive, you can simply place the cooker on the table and let them serve themselves. It’s like your very own tasty cauldron!

Onion Bacon Dip

Need we say anymore? This combination alone is pretty much all you need to serve at a party to get your guests swooning. You combine a large sweet onion, leeks, sautéed bacon drippings into your favourite cream cheese. Whip it together in a blender and stuff it into an acorn squash for that extra touch of autumn.

Pumpkin Pie Cookies

Of course, you’ve got to add a little sweetness to the mix, and pumpkin pie cookies are a crowd-pleaser. You combine the beauty of everything that makes pumpkin pie so delicious into the perfect finger food, bite-size snack. Grab the cookie tray and whip up an orange cream cheese icing for the top.

This Halloween, fill your Burlington home with the aromas and spookish delights that make this time of the year one of our favourites. If you’re looking for a new apartment to ring in All Hallows’ Eve, be sure to check out our CLV Group Burlington apartment listings!


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