6 Signs That You Need to Move Out from Your Parents’ House

Signs That You Need to Move Out from Your Parents House CLV Group Apartment
1. Privacy

Privacy is one of the biggest reasons for moving out. No matter how much you advocate for yourself, your parents are always going to think of you as their child. Forget getting courtesy knocks on your door, and be prepared for mom’s snooping (or “cleaning your room”) from time to time. Oh, and don’t even think about leaving your Facebook account open around mischievous siblings.

2. Rules

No doubt, you can expect some rules and regulations while living under your parent’s roof.  That could mean coming in by a certain hour, keeping noise down, house chores, and anything else they can think of. As tempting as it might be to refuse, it IS still their home and they’re the ones fronting the bill.

3. You’re Contently Messy

You just got home from work, and all you want to do is kick off your shoes, order take-out, climb into bed, and leave all the cleaning duties until Saturday. Don’t even think about it at your parents’ house. They probably won’t be cool with your mountain of laundry, your half empty glasses, and your empty styrofoam boxes. If you have your own place, you can clean at your leisure!

4. There’s No Room for Your Stuff

Living at home makes it hard to store all your things, unless you invest in external storage that you rent. One of the biggest downsides of living at home is that belongings regularly get misplaced or lost in the shuffle. If you’re a shopaholic with a growing collection, or your assets are overflowing your closet space, it might be time to get a place of your own.

5. You’re in a Committed Relationship

A surefire way to ruin a relationship is by ignoring your girlfriend/boyfriend’s appeals for privacy. If you’re in love and ready to make that next step by moving in together, there’s no reason to postpone building a life together, even if your mom’s lasagna is out-of-sight!

6. You’re Doing it for Them

Sometimes people keep living at home not for themselves, but to keep their parents happy. It can be hard to cut the umbilical cord and spread your wings when you feel like you’re abandoning your folks. This is particularly true when you’re close to them. The thing is, the longer you hold out from doing what you want to do with your life, the more resentful you’ll become towards the person that is holding you back. Your parents will miss you for a while, but they will eventually learn to be happy empty-nesters!

 So when you finally decide to take the plunge, find your next perfect apartment with CLV Group!


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