CLV Group  Thanksgiving Side Dishes Everyone Wil Love

Thanksgiving is a holiday that is more often than not spent with loved ones reflecting upon all the wonderful things we have to be grateful for. However, like many other events, the day can be spent in a panic over what to put on the table that everybody will enjoy. Here are 10 delicious options that everyone is sure to love. Try one of these recipes in your CLV Group apartment this Thanksgiving.

  1. Gourmet Mac and Cheese

A classic item that even children will love. Consider sprucing up your usual mac and cheese recipe with additional toppings such as onion, bacon or even veggies. Updating your usual recipe will create a spin for the holidays, but will still remain recognizable for the kids at the table. You could even offer the toppings on the side and have guests top their portion as desired. Try this “Fancy Macaroni” recipe, here.

  1. Biscuits

Biscuits are a great addition to any meal because of their light and flaky demeanor. Biscuits will pair perfectly with your thanksgiving meal because they won’t overpower the other aspects of your meal and won’t be too heavy. Try out this “Flaky Buttermilk Biscuit” recipe, here.

  1. Casserole

Contrary to belief, casseroles are a great match for picky eaters (especially children). Since there are so many different components in a casserole, the taste of the components completely change. For example, this “Green Bean Casserole” is perfect for individuals who love green beans but may stay away from mushrooms. The combination of green beans, mushrooms and breadcrumbs work together cohesively and are sure to impress the whole table!

  1. Mashed Potatoes

Upgrade your usual mashed potato recipe to include sweet potatoes. This swap is sure to excite the whole family. You can even kick this dish up a notch by including maple syrup. Check out this “Maple Whipped Sweet Potato” recipe, here.

  1. Root Vegetables

Root vegetables are the perfect addition to your thanksgiving table and will compliment your other dishes. You can even make personalized side plates for each guest, or a larger bowl for the whole table. Try this “Balsamic Roasted Roots + Spinach Sauce” recipe, here.


With your CLV Group apartment, you will enjoy a newly renovated kitchen with energy efficient appliances. Schedule your private your today, and see where you could be making your next holiday meal!


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