Keeping it Green: 5 Simple Steps to Being Environmentally Conscious

Tips Environmentally Friendly CLV Group Keeping it Green

CLV Group is dedicated to being environmentally friendly through green initiatives including energy-efficient appliances and lighting in your apartment, and the building itself. Being eco-friendly doesn’t have to be daunting. There are tons of super easy ways to be green that will not only help the environment, but might even put a little extra cash in your pocket. Give Mother Nature a high five by implementing these steps in your daily life! 

1. Go Paperless

With all the technology currently available, there’s no reason to request paper bills for your internet, cell phone, credit cards, etc. Almost all companies now offer a paperless option to customers, which allows you to receive your monthly statements instantaneously and pay them online. Better yet, some now offer mobile apps that send you notifications so you can easily receive and pay off your bills without skipping a beat. Not only is paperless the green option, some companies now charge you for a paper bill – paperless can save you money!

Are you a CLV Group resident looking to pay your rent online? Make your rent rewarding and start making your payments anywhere, anytime with Rentmoola.

2. Buy Local

Buying local is a delicious way to help the environment. When possible, try supporting the local economy at farmers markets around the city. Fresh organic produce is readily available and free of chemicals. Green never looked so good on you!

Check out these locations in Ottawa.

Check out these locations in Montreal.

Check out these locations across the GTA.

Check out these locations across Ontario.

3. Turn Off Your Devices and Unplug

Not only will turning off your computer instead of logging off or putting it in sleep mode save you money and improve its longevity, it will also help planet earth. So disconnect and get some shut eye! Did you know that even if your devices are off, they are still using energy if they are left plugged in? Consider unplugging all devices when you are done using them.

4. Invest in a Mug

In an effort to cut back, many coffee shops now offer their own reusable mugs for purchase while you’re waiting in line. Tim Hortons even offers a free first coffee! Not only is this a great way to keep it green, but it keeps your coffee and tea warm for much longer, so drink up!

The next time your CLV Group building is hosting a free coffee event, consider bringing your own cup down with you!

5. Recycle Your Old Phone

Did you know that your old Zack Morris-esque brick of a cell phone is useful as more than just a paper weight? Simply recycling your cell phone instead of sending it to a landfill will prevent it from emitting toxic substances into our environment. Bring it into your local cell phone provider, where they may offer you some cool rewards like discounts on your next purchase! With so many phones being released, you are bound for an upgrade at some point, so consider this tip the next time you are getting rid of an old phone.



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