Workout Routine Using Only Your Apartment

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We all have the best intentions of going to the gym and practicing good healthy life skills, but the reality is it’s sometimes difficult to make the time to physically go to the gym. If you live in an apartment building you already have everything you need at your disposal to have sneak in a great workout at home! Here’s how:

Cardio on The Stairs

Make use of the fact that you live in a high-rise and take the stairs! It’s good practice to take the stairs whenever possible, but put the effort into making it more than just a once a day trip. Put your joggers and sweats on and run up and down the stairs of your building as many times as you can. Increase the number of staircases you climb as you feel your strength growing. This exercise can easily be done before you get ready in the morning.

Couch Tricep Dips

Everyone has a couch or a chair in their apartment and this can play a dual-purpose as a valuable piece of home gym equipment! Position yourself with your hands on the couch or chair – you may need to remove the couch cushion – and your body facing away from the couch. Your hands should be a shoulder-width apart with your fingers and elbows pointing backwards towards the back of the couch. Extend your legs in front of you and put a slight bend in your knee. Lower your body, supporting your weight with your arms, until your shoulder joints are level with your elbow. Push back up so your arms are almost straight, and repeat! You will feel the burn and be proud of yourself for using your couch for a workout instead of a nap.


An incredibly effective workout that can be done literally anywhere by dropping to a plank position. Hoist yourself up into a push up position either resting on your hands or on your forearms. Tighten your core and hold the position for as long as you can. You can easily do this while reading a book or watching TV. It’s the perfect apartment workout because you can do it on any hard surface.

Wall Sit

Another great apartment workout is the wall sit. It’s fairly simple; squat against a wall as if you are sitting in a chair, bending your legs to a 90-degree angle with your back flat against the wall. Sit there as long as you can – try building up from holding the position through a commercial of your favourite TV show, to the whole show!
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