How to Stay Friends After Moving in Together

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You and your best friend have been inseparable for years. The natural next step would be to get an apartment together and become roommates. This sounds like an excellent idea in theory, but in reality living with a person can cause large amounts of stress on a relationship. Suddenly all of the little things you never noticed about your best friend are starting to drive you insane. The way they leave dirty dishes around the house, or how they never take their shoes off after coming home; these are small examples of how stress can build in a roommate relationship – no matter how good of friends you are! Here are some tips on how to maintain your friendship and enjoy your new home together after moving in with your best friend.

Establish Boundaries

Personal space is important to maintain when you start living with someone. If you have certain things that you would rather not share with your roommate, make it clear from the beginning. Have respect for each other’s bedrooms and personal items and be certain to voice your personal space preferences in the very beginning.

Discuss What “Communal” Means in The Refrigerator

There’s nothing worse than coming home from a long day at work to discover that your favorite stress-relieving ice cream is gone. Certain food items can be considered communal in a shared kitchen; milk, eggs, bread and coffee, for example. But favourite types of cereal, special treats or anything you would be bummed out to not have should be labelled as off-limits to your roommate. There’s no need to get into a big fight over an empty box of Oreos.

Have a Financial Plan Before Moving In

Just like a romantic couple, a roommate friendship can suffer from fights over finances. Prior to moving in together, discuss how rent and living expenses are to be paid and establish strict schedules. If one roommate feels that they are always left footing the bill for utilities or frequently covering rent payments, it can cause irreparable strain on a relationship. Discuss what you are getting into financially before moving in together, and make sure you are both ready for it.

Keep Open Lines of Communication

If you want to stay friends after becoming roommates, it’s very important to communicate openly when something is bothering you. It is much better to have a discussion about the problem, no matter how difficult or awkward it may feel, than to let tempers escalate to the point of a full-blown fight that could severely damage your relationship. If your roommate is leaving their clothes around the living room, let them know it bothers you. If the television time is not equally divided and you keep missing your favorite shows, discuss it. Keep open lines of communication and the friendship will thrive in your new home together!

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