CLV Group’s Apartment Moving Survival Guide: An Infographic

moving in survival guide e

We know that moving can be hard, that’s why we’ve compiled our 7 best tips to help you prepare for a smooth move into your CLV Group apartment.


Pack Smart

Start packing early and get double the amount of packing materials you think you’ll need. Trust us, you will need it. Label each box clearly as you go with the room it belongs in, you’ll thank yourself later.

Clean as You Go

Cleaning as you go seems like a pain, but getting the bulk of the cleaning done before the big day will take a load of stress off of you.

An Overnight Bag

The day before the move, pack a supply kit of essentials to get you started in your new home. Don’t forget the toilet paper, garbage bags, shower curtains and toiletries to name a few items!

On The Big Day

Don’t Forget Snacks

Don’t forget to have lots of snacks and water on hand. It will keep everyone’s energy up and you always want to keep the people handling your valuables happy.

Find a Pet Sitter

Your pets can add a layer of stress to an already hectic day, so consider sending your pets to a friend’s house or to a professional pet sitter for a day or two so they’re out of the way on the big day.

Moving In

Prioritize the Kitchen

Unpacking can be overwhelming, so target your kitchen first. Having a home-cooked meal can really make you feel settled in.

Meet Your Neighbours

Start off on the right foot in your new community by taking the time to introduce yourself to your new neighbours. Ask your Customer Care Coordinator if there are any upcoming events in your building!



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