Surefire Ways to Make Your Apartment Feel Huge Part II

Continuing from Part I, here are three more in-house design tricks to maximize the space in your CLV Group apartment!

The Ghost Chair

Sticking along the same lines of creating a feeling of space around your furniture, clear furniture pieces are making a huge comeback in the most recent design trends. Ghost chairs are a great choice if you’re looking for extra seating in your living room without create a large impact or making the space feel cluttered. Create the illusion of MORE space by limiting visual objects and furniture.

Add Greenery

Nothing brightens up an apartment more than some vibrant green life. For those with a hectic schedule, we suggest the easier to maintain cactus over leafy plants. Click here for a list of plants that are also non-toxic options for a pet-friendly lifestyle.

Multi-Purpose Furniture

Highly functional multi-use furniture is one of the best things you can do for yourself in your apartment. Make sure every piece has dual function! Use a buffet as your media stand as well as for storage. Incorporate folding furniture, like tables or murphy beds into your home for maximum space. Never buy an ottoman that doesn’t serve it’s seating function as well as open up for storing throws and pillows. Trust us, these space saving pieces will make organizing your apartment a breeze.



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