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Whether you are a student, parent, or a busy professional, your schedule probably consists of long days and nights. A hectic lifestyle can take a toll on your body, and more likely than not, the last thing you want to do at the end of the day is organize and clean your apartment. We have put together a list of hacks that can help you maintain your organization!

1. Create double clothes hangers with pop can tabs. Place one end of the pop can tab over the hook of a hanger, and place the hook of the second hanger in the second loop of the tab.

2. Make your own dry erase board with fabric and a picture frame. Insert the fabric into the frame as you would with a picture, and write on the glass with your dry erase marker.

3. Free up your floor space with a hanging laundry hamper.

4. Create a chore wheel to divvy up chores amongst your roommates, or to help yourself prioritize your own duties.

5. Clip your chargers to the side of your desk for a clutter free and clean appearance.

6.Use wall hooks to hold your hair care tools to free up counter space and keep them organized.

7. Use a silverware organizer for desk supplies to eliminate clutter.

Do you have other organization hacks for your apartment? Pass them along to social@clvgroup.com or share them on social by tagging @clvgroup; we’d love to hear from you!



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