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As a Millennial, you make up a large portion of the population; and because of that, markets, products, and services have been designed with you in mind. In regards to apartments, we have put together a few features that we have found to be an important aspect of a Millennials apartment search.

Pet Friendly

Your furry friend is a part of your family, and being able to bring them with you into your new apartment is a big factor in the building you choose to live in.

New and Modern

Stainless steel, granite, quartz, hardwood/laminate floors are the new and modern features that Millennials tend to look for in their apartment. Feeling like the space in new, fresh and clean are important.


Location can be everything. Whether you’re looking to be close to school, work, or your desired neighbourhood, your apartment needs to offer easy accessibility to those areas.


Budget is a big item for Millennials. Finding an apartment that meets your list of requirements and stays within your budget can be hard, and often budget over weighs all other items.


A gym, pool, common area or even on-site laundry are features that most Millennials are interested in, and a huge bonus if a building has them!

If you’re searching for your next apartment let us know! With newly renovated and 100% pet friendly apartments across Ontario and Quebec, CLV Group is here to help you find your perfect apartment. You can see a complete list of all our locations here.


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